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starting screen detatched in 43 lines yet when opened it thinks it's 25

From: David
Subject: starting screen detatched in 43 lines yet when opened it thinks it's 25 lines
Date: Wed, 5 Jul 2006 11:01:54 +1000
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I am having difficulty in starting screen in detatched mode of 80 columns and 
43 lines. It seems when attach that initally the terminal is 25 lines and 
then the first time I attach it resizes itself to 43 lines.

This can be seen with a simple 
screen -A -d -m
where the .screenrc file has 
height -d 43 80

in actual fact I am trying to get an application started in the detatched 
screen which requires a 43 line display. The application starts displaying 
1/2way down the screen when started detatched and then corrects itself the 
first time you attache to screen. If you start the application while screen 
is attached everything displays correctly.

I have tried a number of things to try and get this displaying correctly such 
stty rows 43 cols 80
export LINES=43
/usr/bin/screen -A -d -m -S OPS

After this I send 
screen -S OPS -p 0 -X eval 'stuff "export TERM=xterm\015"'
screen -S OPS -p 0 -X eval 'stuff "stty cols 80 rows 43\015"'
screen -S OPS -p 0 -X eval 'stuff "my_legacy_application\015"'

then I join the detatched session 
screen -x

The application still starts off half way down the screen, Once I start typing 
it changes to displaying from the top as it should but it doesn't redraw 
itself so the display is all messed up. The only way I can get it to look 
right is to exit out of the app and then manually restart it.

also changing the terminal type doesn't seem to have any effect.

Am I doing something wrong out of ignorance or is this a limitation of the 
program itself.

Best Regards,

How can you be in two places at once when you're not anywhere at all?

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