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Re: screen with svgalib, etc.?

From: Brian Mathis
Subject: Re: screen with svgalib, etc.?
Date: Tue, 11 Jul 2006 01:31:40 -0400
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Are you saying that some svgalib apps work and others don't?  You need to be more clear.  If they all don't work, then that makes sense, but if some work and not others, always when you're in screen, then there's something else going on.  What you're saying in your second post is not clear to me.

address@hidden wrote:
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So you're saying it works with an image viewer, and not a
movie viewer?  You never said anything like that in your
initial post.  Maybe you should fully describe what you
are doing and the problem you're seeing.

I didn't imply anything in my first post.
And it's just as I stated in my second post:

svgalib no doubt requires the ability to access direct
hardware or somesuch to draw graphics on a tty, and only
then a VGA one (serial terminal won't work).  There's no
way that screen could handle that situation.  At that
point you want remote X Windows.
Which svgalib does do, writing to my real (unused) tty
console #3 when I'm in a screen -- this is all local, btw --
and I want to look at some jpegs, etc. (there are still
issues when I happen to be in another terminal somewhere
else when svgalib wants to show me that pic, after loading

What I'm really asking here, I guess, is: what's stopping me
>from using e.g. mplayer -- with svgalib -- the same way,
>from any screen, but to show me a movie? mplayer actually
starts to write to terminal #3 (then it tried #4 the next
time?!), but bails out with the error:

 ioctl(VT_WAITACTIVE): Operation not permitted

There's some vt/screen skullduggery going on here...

An ioctl() error is also what I got before I set mplayer
setuid. What ioctl(VT_WAITACTIVE) means here I do not know. 

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