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Could not write /var/run/utmp: Interrupted system call

From: Jonathan Martin
Subject: Could not write /var/run/utmp: Interrupted system call
Date: Thu, 27 Oct 2005 03:11:35 -0000

Hey everyone. Has anyone ever seen this when starting screen, or detaching from screen:

    Could not write /var/run/utmp: Interrupted system call

And when creating new windows:

    Could not write /var/run/utmp: No such process

Utmp is one of those unix-y things I never bothered trying to understand, right up there with, and nis+. But my Spidey Sense tells me that years ago was a writable file, but maybe now it's safely managed by a daemon. That's just a bad guess though.

Oh I should mention I haven't rebooted since this started happening. I can still attach to the 2-week old screen session (which is why I haven't rebooted -- I have apps I don't want to end quite yet). I'm sure rebooting will fix it. I'm mostly just curious, especially since I've used screen obsessively for almost a decade.

Any ideas about what's going on would be entertaining. Thanks.

    Dual 600mhz PIII
    Ubuntu 5.10
    Kernel 2.6.12-9-686-SMP
    Screen version 4.00.02 (FAU) 5-Dec-03

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