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Re: GNU Screen and vim

From: Fabien Meghazi
Subject: Re: GNU Screen and vim
Date: Mon, 23 Oct 2006 19:03:19 +0200

I just did some tests, and in both xterm and rxvt, screen passed the
escape codes for Shift-Up through without altering them.  Try going to a
command line in screen, running something like 'cat > /dev/null' and
checking to make sure that Shift-Up is still working from there while in
screen.  If it is, I'm not sure what advice I can give.  If it's not, all
that remains is to see _why_ it's not.  :)

I should have figured that on my own. Sorry for loosing your time.
Indeed the escape sequence is sent by screen.
So I tried to export TERM=rxvt-xpm and indeed, that worked.
So it's just vim handling escape sequence differently according to
TERM's value, and indeed my problem is not about screen but about vim
configuration. Thanks for turning my brain on !

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