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Re: GNU Screen and vim

From: Andy Harrison
Subject: Re: GNU Screen and vim
Date: Sat, 28 Oct 2006 17:03:19 -0400

On 10/28/06, Fabien Meghazi <address@hidden> wrote:
> In your .vimrc, you could just add
>   if $TERM == "screen"
>      set term="rxvt-xpm"
>   endif
> That might be better in order not to confuse other
> applications...

Yeah thanks ! This is a clean tip for my problem.
I had tried to :set term=rxvt when vim was started without success so
I gave up this way before because I didn't tought it was required to
be set at startup. But in the vimrc it works ok.

Also, the thing I do that cured a lot of these mysterious problems fo
me is adding this to my .tcshrc file.

if ($term == "screen") then
   unsetenv TERMCAP

Screen tries to insert a big TERMCAP into your environment and it
doesn't play nice at all, particularly with aterm and tcsh.  As long
as I ditch that TERMCAP, everything works great.

Andy Harrison

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