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screen patch

From: Matt Dunford
Subject: screen patch
Date: Tue, 27 Feb 2007 00:02:28 -0500
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Hi All,

I just came across this list yesterday and am glad to see that screen
is still alive and kicking.  It's one of those programs I can't
imagine living without.

Anyway, here's a patch I updated recently for version 4.0.2: it adds
two features I use alot.  The first I call "toggle" (^aT).  Oftentimes
I do many screen commands in a row like creating five or six new
windows.  I do ^aT, then c c c c c (to create five more windows).
When I want to cycle through them, I hit the space bar.  Or if I want
to go back n forth between windows, then n and p.  All this to avoid
hitting ^a every time I want to do a command.  When I'm done and want
to return to normal mode, I hit T to turn it off.

The second jumps to the last window in the list (^a$) - like vi's 0 to
go to the front of the line, $ to go to the end.

It also adds an extra check for the -h option - makes sure you can't
pass a non-digit as an argument.

If anyone's interested in the patch, I'll clean it up.

Matt Dunford

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