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Re: screen with irssi, sux.theme, urxvt

From: Micah Cowan
Subject: Re: screen with irssi, sux.theme, urxvt
Date: Sat, 01 Nov 2008 10:07:39 -0700
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Andreas Herz wrote:
> Hi,
> i have a confusing problem. I have a debian testing system. I use urxvt
> on my desktop, then ssh to the server with irssi running in screen. I
> also use the sux.theme from the page. Now i found out, that in
> the bottom line, i have a display disfunction. In the line with "time +
> nickname + channelname + Act:", there are ANSI Chars. I have
> Questionmarks, what is HTML-Code  in this ANSI Table:

&#x81 is not a graphic character, either questionmark or box. It is a
character in the C1 control character set that has _no_ assigned
meaning. Whether it gets displayed at all, and if displayed, how, are
all undefined.

When I run irssi with the sux theme, it's sending 0xB7, which is not a
legal UTF-8 character, and not 0x81 (which also isn't, anyway). 0xB7 in
the latin1 encoding is "middle dot" (probably the "square" you want);
but since you're running in UTF-8 it's a nonsensical byte value.

In gnome-terminal, either inside or outside of screen, 0xB7 is rendered
as a question-mark. In urxvt inside of screen, I get full-character
boxes, rather than question-marks. It's not guaranteed to be rendered in
_any_ particular way, since it's not a meaningful byte value.

It looks like the sux theme assumes a ISO-8859-* encoding, so if you
want it to render properly in screen, you'll need to tell screen that
it's in latin1 rather than UTF-8. For instance, turning _off_ UTF-8 mode
in screen fixed the issue for me.

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