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Re: Vexing cross-platform issue

From: mrbrown8
Subject: Re: Vexing cross-platform issue
Date: Mon, 18 Jan 2010 15:24:10 -0700

> I need to periodically detach and reattach persistent screen 
> sessions on a box 
> running AIX 5.3.  The client is always a Linux machine.  During the 
> initial 
> session, everything works smoothly and terminal control sequences 
> are 
> processed correctly.  After working for a bit, I detach and leave 
> screen in 
> the background.
> Periodically, a cron job on the machine cleans up /tmp and removes 
> the socket for the screen session.  

Although this won't solve your control sequences, what I have done is
inside my .profile file is put a line that says:

   export SCREENDIR=~/screentmp

and then make a ~/screentmp directory. At least you won't loose your
socket this way. This works for me on a AIX 5.3 TL8 machine that I have
access to. HTH

> When this occurs, I send it a SIGCHD to 
> recreate it. 
>   However after reattaching I find that screen control sequences and 
> editing 
> commands like Backspace are either ignored or completely scrambled!  
> Resetting 
> the usual suspect, LANG, TERM, etc. do not help.
> Examples:
> $ clear  // totally ignored
> The keyboard 'backspace' key appears to generate a LF character.
> I cannot find anything obvious in the documentation that pertains to 
> scrambled 
> key interpretation under this circumstance.
> Any ideas what's going bad?  I've never encountered this with screen 
> sessions 
> on Linux hosts.
> Steve

Curtis Brown 

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