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Re: Page-up feature in screen

From: Jostein Berntsen
Subject: Re: Page-up feature in screen
Date: Thu, 13 May 2010 19:30:45 +0200
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On 12.05.10,20:18, VIGNESH PRABHU wrote:
> Hi friends,
> Since I came to know of Screen utility I have been regularly using it in my
> desktop and also on servers on which I need to login. I would like to know
> how I can browse output of any command which has increased more than the
> length of a normal screen(something similar to using shift-up in normal
> terminals.).

You can enter the scrollback mode with Ctrl-a-Esc or Ctrl-a-[. There you 
can move around with the usual navigation keys.

> Also one more doubt I have is how I can attach to two screens together. For
> example, if I was working on a screen and my friend comes and start his own
> screen, next time when I login how can I attach both these screens together.
> I hope my questions are clear.

I don't think you can merge running screen sessions, but you can list 
active sessions by 'screen -ls', and then start each session with 
'screen -r <nameofsession>'. 


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