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Re: Page-up feature in screen

From: Brian Kroth
Subject: Re: Page-up feature in screen
Date: Fri, 14 May 2010 06:38:35 -0500
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VIGNESH PRABHU <address@hidden> 2010-05-14 09:53:
>    On Thu, May 13, 2010 at 11:00 PM, Jostein Berntsen
>    <address@hidden> wrote:
>      On 12.05.10,20:18, VIGNESH PRABHU wrote:
>      > Hi friends,
>      >
>      > Since I came to know of Screen utility I have been regularly using it
>      in my
>      > desktop and also on servers on which I need to login. I would like to
>      know
>      > how I can browse output of any command which has increased more than
>      the
>      > length of a normal screen(something similar to using shift-up in
>      normal
>      > terminals.).
>      You can enter the scrollback mode with Ctrl-a-Esc or Ctrl-a-[. There you
>      can move around with the usual navigation keys.
>    Great. Just tried it out. This is very useful to me. Thanks.
>      >
>      > Also one more doubt I have is how I can attach to two screens
>      together. For
>      > example, if I was working on a screen and my friend comes and start
>      his own
>      > screen, next time when I login how can I attach both these screens
>      together.
>      >
>      > I hope my questions are clear.
>      I don't think you can merge running screen sessions, but you can list
>      active sessions by 'screen -ls', and then start each session with
>      'screen -r <nameofsession>'.

You could also attach each of your relevant sessions under a parent
session (eg: nested screens) which could give a somewhat shoddy illusion
of merging them.

>    Is this present in the TODO list for the future versions of screen or is
>    this something very trivial and not necessary?

I have also wondered about that in the past.  I typically make a screen
session for one particular purpose, but later find myself adding windows
to others for straying purposes.  It would be cool to move those around
to reorganize them.  At the very least I know I can rename sessions.

Having lurked on this list for a while now, I can almost hear the devs
now saying, "you should use the window group feature to (re)organize
your windows within a single session".  As soon as a new release happens
I'll probably do that.  I haven't yet had time to maintain my own
package for all of the systems I manage to try that out :(

Vignesh, perhaps that, combined with a multiuser screen session with
ACLs is an option for you.


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