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get out of password lock

From: ping
Subject: get out of password lock
Date: Wed, 03 Aug 2011 14:38:31 -0400
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again one more issue (what a day today!):
I usually don't lock my session, even I do, I use default system password, so a c-a x suffice and I can login back with my account password...
but today I wanted to use another password, but I did it wrongly by:
c-a :password 123<enter>
then I can't get back to it after detach it...and I realized I should have done this way:
c-a :password<enter>
new password:123

how do I attach it back?

this is what is in info screen, I don't see any solutions on my issue though.

`password [CRYPTED_PW]'
     Set reattach password.  *Note Detach::.

 -- Command: password [crypted_pw]
     Present a crypted password in your `.screenrc' file and screen will
     ask for it, whenever someone attempts to resume a detached
     session. This is useful, if you have privileged programs running
     under `screen' and you want to protect your session from reattach
     attempts by users that managed to assume your uid. (I.e. any
     superuser.)  If no crypted password is specified, screen prompts
     twice a password and places its encryption in the paste buffer.
     Default is `none', which disables password checking.

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