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Re: screen-users Digest, Vol 1212, Issue 1

From: Edward Peschko
Subject: Re: screen-users Digest, Vol 1212, Issue 1
Date: Sat, 13 Aug 2011 13:09:07 -0700

> #!/bin/sh
> #
> # print window scrollbacks from all GNU Screen sessions
> # it breaks when session names contain spaces *sigh*


That's a pretty cool hack, but it would be much, much more useful if
it was integrated. In other words,

    1. go into search mode with either a slash or question mark (after
C-a ESC)
    2. press capital 'N' to indicate that you are doing a multi-screen
search (rather than lower case 'n' for a single screen)

When the current screen is then searched for that string, if it cannot
be found it cycles to the previous screen in the case of a '?' to look
for that string. In the case of a '/' it goes to the next string. When
it finds the string, that screen - and the context behind it - then is
brought up in focus.

This would save screen users boatloads of time.

The script you have is pretty cool but it is hard to fit into a
workflow - one would need to save the buffers, look through the buffer
file via an external program, correlate the buffer to the screen
session in question, and then go to that screen. Unless the number of
buffers is fairly high, simply cycling through the buffers looking for
the pattern is probably faster.

Anyways, wrt new screen versions. Is there a policy here? Is there a
reason that screen-4.0.4 hasn't been released yet?


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