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Re: binding command character to f12

From: Bob Proulx
Subject: Re: binding command character to f12
Date: Sun, 24 Mar 2013 12:56:21 -0600
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Please keep the mailing list in the recipient list so that all may
participate in the discussion.  Thanks.

sonne wrote:
> Is it possible to unset it completely without changing source code? I
> surely could move it somewhere far like meta-control-shift-x, but it
> would be desirable to just get rid and forget about it.

This question makes no sense to me.  Because use of screen requires an
escape character.  Unsetting the escape character completely would
cause screen to be relatively unusable.

Originally you asked if you could bind the escape character to F12.
Bruno responded with a suggestion to use bindkey.  That part seemed
to be satisfactory to you.  I myself would never want anything like
that and so didn't look at it too closely.

So I deduce that you must still be continuing your question of how to
set the escape key to a function key.  (Probably because C-a
interferes with normal keyboard use such as because Emacs uses it for
beginning of line and same for bash in default emacs keybinding mode.
But also because it interferes with Vi's C-a command to search forward
n times for the current word which is also very useful.  I find the
C-z which is the job control suspend character is less often used when
using screen and therefore a better choice to avoid conflicts.)

I will answer that I do not know how to change the escape character to
a function key.  But I am sure that you don't want to unset it
completely.  Perhaps someone else on the mailing list will have a
better suggestion.


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