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Re: binding command character to f12

From: Pieter Luteijn
Subject: Re: binding command character to f12
Date: Mon, 25 Mar 2013 11:48:08 +0100
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Although I don't use emacs, ctrl-a isn't a good choice as the 'escape'
sequence for me either, as cisco devices use it in the same way.
Because none of the control keys are really 'free', I have set my regular
escape character to nothing at all using

escape ""

I've bound the 'colon' command to F6, and use that for things I
occasionally need and have no specific key bound to (or forgot the key
that has it).

bindkey -k k6 colon

I did set up a way to access 'command' from the keyboard without having to
type it in after pressing F6:

bindkey "\033`" command # alt-`

The idea is to press alt-backtick as a command sequence. If I'm at a
terminal that for some reason won't sent an 'escape' character before the
backtick when alt is held, I can still generate this sequence by hitting
the escape key (top-left on the US-keyboard), immediately followed by the
backtick (sharing a key with tilde just underneath escape and immediately
to the left of 'one'. Actually, it is usually easier to do it that way,
using only one finger, than using two fingers and pressing alt. E.g. going
into scroll-back is just a quick flick between Esc, Backtick and Esc


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