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Re: using <left-arrow> in bind (Eric Smith)

From: luteijn
Subject: Re: using <left-arrow> in bind (Eric Smith)
Date: Sat, 13 Jun 2015 08:34:35 +0200
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Adding the following to the binding above, performs a delete backwards
'stuff ^H'
Which escape or control sequence do I use for a <left=arrow>?
When I use C-V to find out it reports .
However that does not work for me.

What you should be sending in your case is <ESC>[D (three bytes, <ESC> is the same character as ctrl-[, rendered as ^[. Control sequences can be entered in 'stuff' in the caret notation, so 'stuff ^[[D' should work. Note that you do need two open-square-brackets next to each other. Right arrow would be ^[[C, up and down use A and B, another useful key is home: 'stuff ^[[1~', maybe followed by a few right arrows, if you have a long command of variable length that you have a variable addition to near the start.


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