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Binding the "Ctrl + ;" key combination to "focus right" command

From: Gheorghe Lisca
Subject: Binding the "Ctrl + ;" key combination to "focus right" command
Date: Thu, 27 Aug 2015 11:33:18 +0200

Hi everyone,

I just start using GNU Screen and I want to set up my configuration file. More precisely I am trying to bind the navigation commands
"focus left" to "Ctrl + j"
"focus down" to "Ctrl + k"
"focus up" to "Ctrl + l" and
"focus right" to "Ctrl + ;" .
I want to have this particular bindings because I am also using i3 [1] window manager and there I can navigate through the windows by using "Alt + j" to focus left, "Alt + k" to focus down, "Alt + l" to focus up and "Alt + ;" to focus right.

With screen config file I managed to get working the first three key bindings: "Ctrl + j", "Ctrl + k", "Ctrl + l" but I don't know how to bind "Ctrl + ;" key combination to "focus right" command. Could you please help me to configure this key combination?

Below is a small excerpt from my screen configuration file:

# Changing the active region
#  ctrl + left  arrow => focus left
bindkey "^j" focus left  # ^[[1;5D focus left
#  ctrl + up    arrow => focus up
bindkey "^l" focus up    # ^[[1;5A focus up
#  ctrl + down  arrow => focus down
bindkey "^k" focus down  # ^[[1;5B focus down
#  ctrl + right arrow => focus right
bindkey "^;" focus right #\160 focus right # ^p focus right #^[[1;5C focus right

The last line it giving me headache.

I am running "Screen version 4.01.00devel (GNU) 2-May-06" on Ubuntu 14.04.

​Many thanks in advance!


​[1] ​

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