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Re: Binding the "Ctrl + ;" key combination to "focus right" command

From: luteijn
Subject: Re: Binding the "Ctrl + ;" key combination to "focus right" command
Date: Fri, 28 Aug 2015 08:41:30 +0200
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'ctrl-;' doesn't really exist (for certain definitions of existing), so that's why it's likely not possible to bind it to something in screen. It might be that your terminal sends the equivalent of ctrl-[ when you press ctrl and ;, or it might just not send anything. As ctrl-[ is the same as pressing the escape key, you might not want to actually bind anything to it.

Window managers typically don't get information in the same way from the keyboard as screen does (screen just gets a stream of characters typed, the WM can get information like key-X-pressed, key-Y-pressed, key-Y-released etc.), so ctrl-; could work fine there.

I guess you could use hjkl instead of jkl; for directions (although ctrl-h sends the same as backspace; in general lots of control characters (including ctrl-a) are not too suitable as hotkeys as they are already used for something, by the programs you'll be running).

Unfortunately, there really aren't that many unused keys on our keyboards that you can use for these kind of macro's. At work I have to use windows anyway, so there I've set up Autohotkey to change what is being send by the numeric keypad to short escape-sequences that screen can then interpret and use to do the sort of things you are trying to bind to ctrl-jkl;. For some time I even had an entire second keyboard just for these hotkeys, and used a little program meant for flight simulators enthusiasts to remap anything sent from that keyboard to special escape sequences.

Some good 'free' keys/combinations that I've found to work on basic keyboards are the F-keys, ctrl-\, and prefixing things with an <ESC> (usually sent by pressing alt-<key>, but can also be faked by pressing the escape key and the other key in quick succession).


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