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Suggestion: tests: refactor tests to new shell scripts

From: Assaf Gordon
Subject: Suggestion: tests: refactor tests to new shell scripts
Date: Sun, 2 Apr 2017 02:13:49 -0400


Attached an initial attempt to refactor the old sed tests and turn
them into 'new style' shell-script tests.
While the patch is big, it is very repetitive.
Basically, every test that had TEST.sed,TEST.inp,TEST.good
now has an additional which runs sed on the program
and compares the output against the 'good' (=expected) output.

It'll probably take few iterations to iron out all the issues,
but this is the general direction.

I also have a version where the sed/inp/good files are merged and embedded
in the new SH file - this reduces the clutter and the number of files,
at the expense of a bit more work during tests (e.g. creating the test files).
Not sure if it's better or not.

Comments welcomed,
 - assaf

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