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Re: [Social-mediagoblin] Goals for our first Alpha release in fall

From: Rock Neurotiko
Subject: Re: [Social-mediagoblin] Goals for our first Alpha release in fall
Date: Sun, 08 May 2011 21:09:50 +0200
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On 08/05/2011 21:01, will kahn-greene wrote:
I have a friend who's been bumping around in Europe and he said that
some keyboards (no clue which ones) don't have an easily accessible ~
key, so doing ~ stuff is always a pain in the ass.  I never followed up
on that, but it's intriguing.  Is the ~ key easily accessible on most
screen keyboards for mobile devices?

I think for those reasons (even if they don't pan out exactly), I'm +1
on /u/<username>/ .

On 05/08/2011 02:16 PM, Christopher Allan Webber wrote:
Here's some example of URLs as I expect them to exist and what I think you'd 
see on them.
  - -- homepage of this GNU MediaGoblin install,
    shows a few featured images, info on GNU MediaGoblin, how to join, etc
  - -- shows my "profile", including some
    info about me, a few of my latest images, some of my favorites
  - -- see my "Walk in the 
Park" media entry
  - has a longer list of all my stuff
  - to get to page 2 of my 
gallery, etc
  - RSS / Atom feed to subscribe to
This has come up a few times off-list so I wanted to bring it up

Would people prefer:

We *won't* be doing:

because I don't want conflicts with usernames and base urls if we add
features later.  If feedmaster registers on some site and later on
/feedmaster/ becomes part of the design I simply *don't* want a naming

Anyway I'm partial to the tilde but think I'm in the minority.  Show of
hands?  Here's your opportunity to bikeshed ;)

That's true, in my country, Spain, that char(~) is practically dead to users, no one knows where is it.
+1 on /u/username/
that's easy to remember and no so large to write in others social-net.
moreover, normal writes helps to the SEO, and that's important.

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