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Re: latest spam-milter

From: Dan Nelson
Subject: Re: latest spam-milter
Date: Mon, 18 Nov 2002 18:08:14 -0600
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In the last episode (Nov 18), Ron Snyder said:
> > > is SMFIS_TEMPFAIL supposed to make the program terminate and dump
> > > core (sig 6) like that ?
> > 
> > No.  Signal 6 is just the result of someone calling abort().  You
> > might want to run the milter without the -f flag for a while. 
> > abort() will print a diagnostic to stderr before killing the
> > program.
> I've put spamass-milter into a loop, here's the output over the last 8
> minutes (the timestamp is associated with the line above it):
> Memory fault (core dumped)
> Mon Nov 18 15:00:06 PST 2002

(etc). Not good :(

> Here's the backtrace:

This trace looks vaguely familiar, in that according to the assembly,
it's crashing after the last line in the function.  Which means it's
crashing in a C++ destructor.  Wait a minute.  You're that same guy! :)
I wish gdb would put correct debugging information in destructor code
so I could tell what's actually crashing.

You might want to try the CVS version if you're not already using it; I
fixed a couple of big-ish bugs this weekend relating to memory

        Dan Nelson

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