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From: Chuck Yerkes
Subject: Subjects/level
Date: Tue, 3 Jun 2003 13:16:22 -0400
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I'm rolling out SA at a large company and its holding up
pretty well.  (I had scaling concerns that are unfounded so

Right now we are not blocking, but just marking mail.

The false positives are mostly 5-6.9 with a couple 9's (that look
like spam in every way, but aren't).

One request that seemed reasonable was threshold subject markings.
If a message is 5-9.9, then add the subject prefix: "SPAM-1"
>From 10-14.9: "SPAM-2" and 15+ gets "SPAM-3"

(not married to the markings, it's just SOMETHING).

Is this possible or easily added?



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