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New features in CVS

From: Dan Nelson
Subject: New features in CVS
Date: Mon, 9 Jun 2003 14:47:20 -0500
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I went on a commit spree last week.  Most functions got changed at
least a little with the new debug options, so a lot of the patches at
Savannah will no longer apply.  On the other hand, most of them should
no longer be needed now.

 * -b option to redirect tagged messages to another email address.
 * -i option to not run spamassassin on messages coming from internal
 * All arguments after -- get passed to spamc (deprecate -D at the same
 * Envelope, remote IP, and date get sent to spamc, so the results more
   closely match what spamc via procmail sees.  You will need to add a
   line to your sendmail config file to enable date passing (see
 * A compatible manpage is generated on systems without mdoc macros.
 * debugging flags now allow logging of individual subsystems

I've updated the manpage to reflect the new commandline switches.  

        Dan Nelson

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