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-i (Re: New features in CVS)

From: Chuck Yerkes
Subject: -i (Re: New features in CVS)
Date: Mon, 16 Jun 2003 12:27:08 -0400
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Quoting Stephan van Hienen (address@hidden):
> >  * -i option to not run spamassassin on messages coming from internal
> >    networks.
> maybe nice option something like :
> -i !,
> not to scan mails received from except
> (when is the backup mx)
> so you don't have to specify all ip's in a /24 range if you want to scan
> one/a few of them

If you can get portable library routines (ie POSIX, not linux only),
the code is pretty simple.  But then you get to wanting a config
file rather than command lines and it starts to get uglier.

I've hardcoded routines.

I've wished that sendmail was more library oriented and let me
call a "check access map" routine where I pass a TAG and an address:
   if (sm_access_check("SAM", "")) {
        pass it to spam assassin

Of course it would be better that SENDMAIL let me run "check_spamass_milter"
and decide if sendmail should even talk to that milter.

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