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Spamassassin-Milter beginner question

From: Lenk, Guido
Subject: Spamassassin-Milter beginner question
Date: Thu, 31 Jul 2003 14:45:40 +0200

hi there,

i would like to use spamassassin-milter for my entire site and can't
figure out where/how to begin :-(

i have the following site-layout:


Can anyone give me a hint? i read so much and i am more confused than
before :-((

i am a sendmail newbie, and i am using the solaris-stock-sendmail
system. i even don't have an mc/m4 file, just the original cf-file.

I hope someone can help me a little...


Guido Lenk                                      University of Passau
      Systemadministrator                       94030 Passau, Germany
                                                Tel.+49 (851) 509 - 3187
      Institute for Information-Systems         Fax +49 (851) 509 - 3182
      and Softwaretechnique           

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