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Re: Suddenly load average of 15-18???

From: Stephen M. Przepiora
Subject: Re: Suddenly load average of 15-18???
Date: Thu, 12 May 2005 11:19:47 -0400
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Take a look at the switches you have in /etc/init.d/spamassassin change them to only run 5 processess and to die off after 15 or twenty scans.
-m5 --max-conn-per-child=5

Thomas Cameron wrote:

All -

spamc is suddenly bringing my mail server to its knees.

Running RHEL 4 with the spamassassin-3.0.1-0.EL4 (supplied by Red Hat) and spamass-milter-0.3.0-3 (I made that RPM) along with razor-agents-2.67-0, dcc-1.3.0-0 and pyzor-0.4.0-0.

All of a sudden about two days ago spamc processes were chewing up the machine - sendmail was actually rejecting messages because the load average was so high! This is a machine that is only used for about 6 users... It only handles around a thousand to two thousand messages a day. I am the only admin on it and nothing has changed.

Here is my

--- begin ---
required_score 5
report_safe 1
rewrite_header subject **SPAM** _SCORE_
ok_languages en
ok_locales en
use_dcc 1
use_pyzor 1
use_razor2 1
whitelist_from_rcvd address@hidden
whitelist_from_rcvd address@hidden

score ALL_TRUSTED 0 0 0 0
--- end ---

Here are the relevant lines from my

--- begin ---
define(`confMILTER_MACROS_HELO', `{verify}, {cert_subject}')dnl
define(`confMILTER_MACROS_ENVFROM', `i, {auth_authen}')dnl

INPUT_MAIL_FILTER(`spamassassin', `S=local:/var/run/spamass.sock, F=, T=C:15m;S:4m;R:4m;E:10m')dnl define(`confMILTER_MACROS_CONNECT',`b, j, _, {daemon_name}, {if_name}, {if_addr}')dnl

INPUT_MAIL_FILTER(`clamav-milter', `S=local:/var/run/clamav/clamav-milter.sock, F=T,T=S:4m;R:4m;E:10m')

--- end ---

I have no idea why it is doing this... It was working fine and then this happened sort of out of the blue. Any pointers?


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