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Re: out of memory error

From: Eugene H . Brezin
Subject: Re: out of memory error
Date: Mon, 13 Jun 2005 15:39:08 +0400

Thank you Cassandra for a quick answer :)
I also fought about to make ability to send messages only if their size is not 
more then 20 megabyte.. Theis only one problem left, i'm only just a system 
administrator, in organization, were everyone is a big boss for himself (or how 
it in english) :) They are my employees. So i can't dictate them, what they 
must to do or not.. There is no more problem with traffic, becouse i've tuned 
up kavmilter's timeouts. The only problem is a falling spammass-milter. Shure, 
the authors of that great program can't even think about such possibility :) 
So, if they can make spamass-milter to stop falling from such big email 
messages - it would be great! Unfortunally, i'm not a programmer. And can deal 
only with a shell scripts, overwise i would try to make a patch by myself...

Thank you again!


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