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RE: out of memory error

From: Cassandra L Brockett
Subject: RE: out of memory error
Date: Mon, 13 Jun 2005 16:18:02 -0700

No problems.


First thing I would do is tell spamass-milter to not run on mail
originating from inside your network (-i<network address, eg will mean the milter should not even attempt to run on
mail coming from inside your network.

The second thing I would do is set sendmail itself to reject mail too
large :-)  That way you can say "well, we upgraded sendmail due to
security issues, and it now has a maximum filesize limit"... This would
mean the users would be forced to live with it - or else they'd have to
have your manager override you in a network security matter - something
that most managers won't override their sysadmins on :-)  (Use
define(`confMAX_MESSAGE_SIZE', `104857600')dnl in the for
this, that will set 100Mb's as the maximum message size sendmail will
even bother with)...  And yes, I've pulled things like this on users who
won't obey standard practices before, part of being a sysadmin is
knowing when to do things on users for their own good.

The other possible option is to just have sendmail deliver the message
anyhow when the milter fails for some reason, thereby ignoring what the
milter does if it fails.  Normally setting the F= in the
INPUT_MAIL_FILTER line in the will handle that task for you.
This means however that large spam messages will be just passed through
- so your call on if you want to deal with it...

Cassandra Brockett

PS - The above assumes of course you are running the latest sendmail
with the latest spamassassin and the latest spamass-milter...

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> Subject: Re: out of memory error
> Thank you Cassandra for a quick answer :)
> I also fought about to make ability to send messages only if 
> their size is not more then 20 megabyte.. Theis only one 
> problem left, i'm only just a system administrator, in 
> organization, were everyone is a big boss for himself (or how 
> it in english) :) They are my employees. So i can't dictate 
> them, what they must to do or not.. There is no more problem 
> with traffic, becouse i've tuned up kavmilter's timeouts. The 
> only problem is a falling spammass-milter. Shure, the authors 
> of that great program can't even think about such possibility 
> :) So, if they can make spamass-milter to stop falling from 
> such big email messages - it would be great! Unfortunally, 
> i'm not a programmer. And can deal only with a shell scripts, 
> overwise i would try to make a patch by myself...
> Thank you again!
> Eugene
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