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questions about spd with ibmtts

From: Gilles Casse
Subject: questions about spd with ibmtts
Date: Sun, 08 Jun 2008 18:36:07 +0200

Hello all,

mk360 wrote:
> I'm using ibmtts spanish voice (voxin) with speech dispatcher and everything 
> seems to work fine, but I would like to deactivate ibmtts dictionary, couse 
> it turn out to be really annoying in some ocassions. 

Yes, in gnome-speech the abbreviation dictionary is inhibited due to 
this line:
eciSetParam (d->handle, eciDictionary, 1);

(in viavoicesynthesisdriver.c file, viavoicedriverinit function)

In the ibmtts speech-dispatcher module, this dictionary is enabled.

If the speech dispatcher team/community are interested in, I could 
propose a patch for activating or not activating the abbreviation 
dictionary using a new option in the ibmtts configuration file.

Best regards,

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