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Pause/resume in Speech Dispatcher

From: James Simmons
Subject: Pause/resume in Speech Dispatcher
Date: Wed, 11 Jun 2008 09:54:35 -0500


I'm going to take your suggestion.  I've got Cancel/Speak working, so I 
just need to work out a way to get it to resume from where it left off.  
Should be simple enough.

Thanks again,

James Simmons

Hynek Hanke wrote:

> As for now, since you already have quite a detailed controll over the
> synchronization (for which you pay with sound quality :( , you might
> want to consider to do a CANCEL/SPEAK with the appropriate piece
> of text yourself instead of using PAUSE/RESUME as offered by the current
> Speech Dispatcher.
> With regards,
> Hynek Hanke

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