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Ommited index marks in SSML with eSpeak

From: James Simmons
Subject: Ommited index marks in SSML with eSpeak
Date: Mon, 09 Jun 2008 09:21:37 -0500


I was able to modify my Activity to use your suggestion and now my 
highlighting and speech synchronize pretty well.  It misses a few words 
but its pretty useable anyway, and I understand that this is an espeak 
issue, not a speech-dispatcher issue.

What it still a problem is pause and resume.  The methods for pausing 
and resuming seem to be being executed (judging by console messages I 
print out after each call) but no pausing gets done.  The code is pretty 
much the same as what I sent before.  Do you have any idea of what, if 
anything, I'm doing wrong?

Thanks again,

James Simmons

Hynek Hanke wrote:

>> Using the content of the marks to control highlighting sounds like a 
>> good idea, but the mark is received *after* the word is spoken, not 
>> before,
> I don't understand. The index mark is called at the place where
> you put it. You can put them before the words (which is actually
> the same more or less as what you are doing already).
> With regards,
> Hynek Hanke

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