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Festival not Showing up via Speech-Dispatcher (Was: Speechd-el i18n)

From: Hermann
Subject: Festival not Showing up via Speech-Dispatcher (Was: Speechd-el i18n)
Date: Fri, 29 Aug 2008 13:04:30 +0200

On 29.08.2008 at 11:41:39 Veli-Pekka T?til? <vtatila at gmail.com> wrote:

> From: "Jan Buchal" <buchal at brailcom.org>
>> is it not better use finish voice for festival?
> Yes, I would currently prefer the Suopuhe Festival module to eSpeak
> even in speechd-el I've just sent the eSpeak author feedback about the
> Finnish(). HOwever, I did not get Festival working. The thing is
> Festival shows fine via Gnome-Speech in Orca. But when I use
> speech-dispatcher in Orca, only eSPeak is listed. Naturally trying to
> switch to Festival in speechd-el says nothing, too.
You must start Festival as a server, in order to use it with SD. See

> I have edited the speech dispatcher config file uncommenting the line
> to add festival and have checked the Festival config under modules,
> too, though there was very little that's relevant to end users in the
> latter file. What could be wrong? I keep reading about having to auto
> start a Festival server but how to do it using Gnome sessions and
> isn't it already running? 

No. Open a text console and type the following as Root:
/etc/init.d/festival start
Restart SD and check, whether you can find Festival now.
In order to launch the Festival server permanently type as Root:
update-rc.d festival defaults
Now the Festival server is started with every boot of your system.

> I guessed, without checking, that the server
> must be running, since Festival can speak via Gnome-speech. I have not
> checked the processes since there's no hotkey for quickly .launching
> the Gnome task manager. and I Just haven't gone and looked into the
> system monitor yet. I should have, on second thought.
Type from any terminal:
ps aux |grep festival
Is it there? Do this before following the steps explained above. If it
isn't there, than Gnome-Speech must have its own mechanism to
communicate with Festival. Don't know about this, since I don't use
Festival; there's no German speech.

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