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Speech-dispatcher c api questions

From: Jeremy Whiting
Subject: Speech-dispatcher c api questions
Date: Tue, 16 Jun 2009 00:14:20 -0600

Hynek, others,

I've been using the Speech-dispatcher c api for a bit integrating it into 
kttsd to replace a lot of functionality in kttsd itself as you know. =)  
Anyway, I came across a couple things I wanted to ask about on the list.

1) I notice after some time kttsd still gets job numbers back from calling 
say() but speech-dispatcher stops sending audio out to the speakers.  I'm 
using espeak and alsa but haven't figured out where the hang up is yet (I 
noticed once today speechd was using 50% of my cpu at the time.  Is this 
known? I'll try to get using festival tomorrow and see how that works.

2) I'm using one connection for the whole lifecycle of kttsd (unless it goes 
down, then I reconnect.  Is this the preferred method? or should I be making a 
new connection for each speech job?

3) When I set kttsd up to send all irc notifications through speech-dispatcher 
I notice that jobs are getting truncated.  I'm currently saying all jobs with 
a text priority and it seems when a new job comes in, the previous job is 
cancelled and the new one started.

4) Is history completely unimplemented? or just not supported in the c api? 
I've noticed a few calls return error codes instead of valid information, such 
as the history get message list command.

5) Hynek, I've noticed a couple inconsistencies between the c api and the c 
api's documentation, should I send you notes directly about those? or will 
they be fixed automatically next time you run the texi2html or whatever 
generates the documentation?

I think that's all for now (quite a bit I know) anyway, thanks for the help 
and I'll be glad to hack on speech-dispatcher itself if needed.  I cloned the 
git repository this morning (not sure how pushes go with this setup, I've done 
merge requests via gitorious before).


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