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retrieving synthesized auio data?

From: Jacob Schmude
Subject: retrieving synthesized auio data?
Date: Thu, 04 Feb 2010 12:40:45 -0700

Hi everyone
Is there a way to use speech dispatcher to synthesize audio data, but
then return it to the calling program instead of outputting it to an
audio backend? I'd like to use speech dispatcher to generate audio
clips, as I'm thinking about getting a Rockbox-enabled portable audio
player and their utility, being written in QT, is completely
inaccessible. I want to write a little utility of my own to generate the
voice clips needed with a speech engine of my choice, but rather than
implement support for every tts engine via its own API it would make
more sense to use speech dispatcher instead, if possible.
Are there functions to do this? I ran through the C API documentation
but didn't see anything that would accomplish what I'm after.


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