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bug: wrong client is deleted from fd_settings

From: Chris Brannon
Subject: bug: wrong client is deleted from fd_settings
Date: Sun, 01 Aug 2010 15:08:21 -0500

I wrote:
> The patch I just sent to the list fixes a bug in which the wrong client
> could be deleted from fd_settings.

That patch isn't quite right, either.
We also need to check that
current_message->settings.uid != message->settings.uid, before deleting
current_message's client from fd_settings.  That's because message is
not fully processed, and client_has_messages only accounts for messages
in the queues.
I will send a corrected patch which applies cleanly against master.

I'm also wondering what happens to a client's paused messages when
it disconnects.  Should they be removed?  

-- Chris

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