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consolekit doesn't recognize plain text logins

From: Bill Cox
Subject: consolekit doesn't recognize plain text logins
Date: Wed, 11 Aug 2010 16:18:51 -0400

Hi, Halim.  If I'm not mistaken, pulseaudio in user-mode actually
worked ok with speechd-up in the consoles when I tried it out.  I
think we'll see similar behavior with sd with session-management.
However, there were significant issues:

- The console login prompts had no sound.  There's no session at the
console login, and so you get no pulseaudio access
- Speech-dispatcher kept crashing in Gnome, which is still fairly
common as we all know, even though the bugs aren't typically in sd.
However, this also kills speakup speech, as they use the same instance
of speech-dispatcher.  This lack of reliability alone would probably
convince most speakup users to avoid using speech-dispatcher on the
- Logging out of Gnome often killed the sound system, as there was
some race condition on terminating processes.  Halim has a workaround
for this by putting a kill command in .logout
- Using the Switch User feature in Gnome kills sound.

Now, I think all this can be fixed and worked out.  I'll even help do
some of the work.  However, we must maintain decent accessibility
while we make the transition.  I'm sure that on the sd list, I'm
preaching to the choir, but let's be careful not to pull a stunt like
the PulseAudio guys did, and trash console accessibility on the major


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