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consolekit doesn't recognize plain text logins

From: Halim Sahin
Subject: consolekit doesn't recognize plain text logins
Date: Sat, 21 Aug 2010 06:05:54 +0200

On Mi, Aug 11, 2010 at 04:18:51 -0400, Bill Cox wrote:
> Hi, Halim.  If I'm not mistaken, pulseaudio in user-mode actually
> worked ok with speechd-up in the consoles when I tried it out.  I
> think we'll see similar behavior with sd with session-management.

Really your plain console session was recognized by ck?

> However, there were significant issues:
> - The console login prompts had no sound.  There's no session at the
> console login, and so you get no pulseaudio access

Yes and that was what I have written in my initial mail in this thread.
ck recognizes only the x-sessions.
It would be great to hear from the sessionintegration folks how they
will integrate sd with in this case.
Logging into the desktop but switching back to a plain console for using
eg.: mutt or emacs.
Or other ncurses based apps which can't be used easiely in a

> - Speech-dispatcher kept crashing in Gnome, which is still fairly
> common as we all know, even though the bugs aren't typically in sd.

I can't confirm that.
Which module are you using?

> However, this also kills speakup speech, as they use the same instance
> of speech-dispatcher.  This lack of reliability alone would probably
> convince most speakup users to avoid using speech-dispatcher on the
> consoles.
> - Logging out of Gnome often killed the sound system, as there was
> some race condition on terminating processes.  Halim has a workaround
> for this by putting a kill command in .logout

Vote for a dmix setting for pulseaudio in the pulseaudio list.
This would bring us an improovment when pa doesn't take the exclusive
soundcard access and in this case sd can run in a usersession using a
more reliable soundoutput like libao->alsa.

> - Using the Switch User feature in Gnome kills sound.

Yes this is not supported as well for kde see pa list.

> Now, I think all this can be fixed and worked out.  I'll even help do
> some of the work.  However, we must maintain decent accessibility
> while we make the transition.  I'm sure that on the sd list, I'm
> preaching to the choir, but let's be careful not to pull a stunt like
> the PulseAudio guys did, and trash console accessibility on the major
> distros.

Well I am not against major improovments here.
The problem is that I can see no advantage in making things more complex
without any noticable improovment.
with regards

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