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libsonic source hosting

From: Bill Cox
Subject: libsonic source hosting
Date: Tue, 11 Jan 2011 10:04:27 -0500

Sorry I missed this thread until now.  Thanks for the offer of
hosting.  Currently, the home page is at:


If I host libsonic at Brailcom, will that make integrating it as a
library with SD easier?  If so, I'm for it.  I like the idea of
keeping libsonic as a separate library, but I understand why people
simply add sonic.c and sonic.h to their apps.

I have working prototype integration with SD.  I put it in src/audio,
and it directly speeds up or slows down the audio stream, and also can
adjust pitch.  However, I hard-coded the pitch and speed, as I don't
know the best way to add user-control over these parameters.  Would
this code be of any use?  If so, I'll clean it up a bit and post it


On Thu, Dec 9, 2010 at 8:20 AM, Hynek Hanke <hanke at brailcom.org> wrote:
> On 8.12.2010 18:17, Jonathan Duddington wrote:
>> The current development version of eSpeak at:
>> ? ? http://espeak.sf.net/test/latest.html
>> includes Sonic, as a file sonic.cpp compiled with eSpeak.
> This is good!
> Jonathan, which way of distribution would you prefer from the
> eSpeak side?
>> If a synthesizer can use Sonic intelligently then we wouldn't need
>> Speech Dispatcher (or NVDA or other higher-level entity) to also apply
>> a speed-up. ?However such a speed-up may be useful for other
>> synthesizers which people what to use at faster speeds than they
>> provide.
> Yes. The main task of Speech Dispatcher is management
> of messages and the TTS systems. All processing done on
> the message text (input) or audio data (output) has a status of
> emulations.
> So if a TTS can produce very fast speech, we should definitely use
> the native capabilities provided by the synthesizer.
> Best regards,
> Hynek Hanke
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