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A problem with punctuation setting with possible related the Speech-disp

From: Hammer Attila
Subject: A problem with punctuation setting with possible related the Speech-dispatcher Espeak module
Date: Thu, 27 Jan 2011 09:40:49 +0100

Dear List,

Some time hungarian date formats using following type strings:
janu?r 21.-?n
Janu?r means in english january string, the 21.-?n string means 21th.
When the punctuation setting is setted Speech-dispatcher for example 
with some, Speech-dispatcher Espeak module spokening only the - 
character and the suffix, but skyp the - character before have number.

I testing purpose turn Speech-dispatcher default language with english, 
and I see same results.
When you trying testing spd-say with "21.-text" string, 
Speech-dispatcher will be skyp number and dot speaking, only spokening 
the - character and text text.
This is resulting a problem for example when I using Orca with few or 
few or most punctuation settings with Speech-dispatcher Espeak module.
The problem is happening perhaps because I setted following punctuation 
characters with .speech-dispatcher/conf/modules/espeak.conf file with 
always want hear if the Orca punctuation setting is not none:
EspeakPunctuationList "@+_?\"\?()[]:-{}|%<>\?"
The problem is happening if list containing the - character, other cases 
not. This is true with Orca and spd-say too.
If I setting punctuation level with "all" with 
.speech-dispatcher/conf/speechd.conf, the problem is not happening, 
independent the .speech-dispatcher/conf/modules/espeak.conf file 
containing the - character or not (spd-say right spokening the 21.-text 
This is not true for Orca, I think this bug is related with following 
bug if the manual defined list containing - character:

Need doing any fix with Speech-dispatcher Espeak module level?


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