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Re: [STUMP] [UPDATE]Re: Tag-based window management

From: Michael Raskin
Subject: Re: [STUMP] [UPDATE]Re: Tag-based window management
Date: Thu, 16 Apr 2009 15:40:04 +0400
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Julian Stecklina wrote:
>>>  - Interned symbols are never garbage collected (unless
>> Or StumpWM crashes. For me it crashes much quicker than runs out of
>> memory, so I didn't pay attention. Thanks.
> It does? I have actually no major problems with StumpWM at the
> moment. There are a lot of patches accumulating on the mailing list,
> though. I am planning to incorporate some of these patches in my
> personal stumpwm branch on Github. But this will still have to wait at
> least two weeks.

I use StumpWM on CLisp. Sometimes Thunderbird's "Go to next Inbox?"
messages are destroyed from X point of view, but are still present from
StumpWM's point of view. I made a sort of garbage collector (still needs
to be run manually) for such windows, but if I don't run it, next window
creation kills StumpWM. Not that I care now - tags allow me to store all
the state on the X server side.

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