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Re: [STUMP] Re: [PATCH] modified: wrappers.lisp @250 (Julian Stecklina)

From: Shawn Betts
Subject: Re: [STUMP] Re: [PATCH] modified: wrappers.lisp @250 (Julian Stecklina)
Date: Fri, 24 Apr 2009 17:21:55 -0700
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Egon Hyszczak <address@hidden> writes:

> Hello, I made the change from (os:) to (posix:) because the os -> posix alias
> wasn't carrying over to -Kfull when compiling with clisp on my Gentoo install.
> You can check with this snippet:
> for k in base full ; do echo -n "$k "; clisp -K$k -norc -q -x '(find-package
> "OS")' ; done

Well in that case, it won't hurt to change. I applied it. Thanks!


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