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one more slot

From: Karl Berry
Subject: one more slot
Date: Wed, 16 Apr 2008 15:35:17 -0500

Sam advises me that the clisp proposal had little chance of success, so
I've downgraded that.  (Thanks Sam.)

So now we have one more slot to allocate, and one lucky project will
(barring Google overrides) get two slots.  Looking at the list, it seems
the contenders are wget, grub, phpgroupware, and gnowsys.  Could those
mentors (and any others I missed) write a bit about their
second-favorite project, chances of success, past history (if any) with
the student, etc.?

Reviewing the proposals again now, they all look pretty good (as one
would expect), and are all in totally different spaces.  So I doubt
there's any "objective" way to decide.

I hope no bitterness will ensue, since at least everyone gets one!


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