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Re: pending proposals

From: Karol \"Zal\" Zalewski
Subject: Re: pending proposals
Date: Sat, 04 Apr 2009 01:07:59 +0200
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Karl Berry writes:
> I do not know.  No record of what happened is visible to me.  (I 
> certainly didn't do so myself.)  Maybe you (accidentally?) marked it 
> ineligible because he didn't follow the Hurd template? 
> I don't know how to resurrect it (no buttons are visible), but if you
>  want me to try, I will ask Leslie.

  I heard on Tcl mailing list that this cannot be undone by anyone from
group. This is message (by Tomasz Kosiak) from Tcl mailing list:

> I have seen that some proposal submitted to us were marked as
> ineligible. I don't know who made this so early? They still can be
> edited by students so we cannot judge what will be the final quality.
> If this is student choice that it is OK. Students can withdraw
> proposals. But I would encourage students to leave them as sometimes
> even not so good proposal for really hard and important subject can
> be refined by further discussion with mentors by public comment
> feature available in Melange app.
> I ask mentors not to mark proposal as ineligible as it CANNOT by
> undone. I would like to reserve this to administrators after wider
> discussion.

Karol "Zal" Zalewski

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