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Re: Fwd: Invitation: Apply to be a Mentoring Organization for GCI

From: Rodrigo Rodrigues da Silva
Subject: Re: Fwd: Invitation: Apply to be a Mentoring Organization for GCI
Date: Thu, 21 Oct 2010 14:29:13 -0200
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On 21-10-2010 13:42, Daniel Thomas wrote:
> I could come up with a couple of tasks for GNU Prolog for Java
> if that would be helpful and
> mentor those tasks. There are some suitably sized documentation tasks
> that need doing and some short and hopefully fun demo programs could be
> written. 

I would say we can do the same for GNU LibreDWG (,
although most of the current tasks are relatively complex.

IIRC Gnash has a long list of tasks, lots of them regarding translation
and documentation, which would fit GCI perfectly.

I think we should have at least 3 packages in to get a reasonable count
of tasks.

> Will GNU be participating?

I'm not sure "who" makes that decision. The deadline for application is
29 October at 23:00 UTC. Maybe we should bring this discussion up to

> On Mon, 2010-10-18 at 21:07 -0200, Rodrigo Rodrigues da Silva wrote:
>> This might be interesting. Seems to be sort of a "teen" SoC. It wouldn't
>> be hard to get some GNU Generation people participating. They still
>> presume projects are "open source" - something we could fix with some
>> talk though.
>> -------- Original Message --------
>> Subject: Invitation: Apply to be a Mentoring Organization for GCI
>> Date: Mon, 18 Oct 2010 08:10:51 -0700
>> From: Carol Smith <address@hidden>
>> To: Google Summer of Code Mentors List
>> <address@hidden>
>> Hi everyone,
>> Starting today we are accepting applications from organizations who have
>> participated in a previous Google Summer of Code (you!) to get involved with
>> our contest for 13-18 year olds, Google Code-in [0].
>> If you haven’t read up about Google Code-in, you can check out our
>> announcement [1] to this list from a couple weeks ago or read our blog post
>> [2] about the contest.
>> If your org has decided it would like to apply to participate in the
>> contest, you can fill out the application [3] on Melange now. The deadline
>> for applications is 29 October at 23:00 UTC.
>> Also, if you want to look over the rules for the contest before applying to
>> participate they can be found on the organization application [3] at the
>> bottom. They will also be posted on the Google Code-in website [0] in the
>> next couple days in other languages.
>> We hope your org will consider participating.
>> [0] -
>> [1] -
>> [2] -
>> [3] -
>> Cheers,
>> Carol

Rodrigo Rodrigues da Silva

PoliGNU - Grupo de Estudos de Software Livre da Poli/USP
GNU Project

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