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Re: [IMPORTANT] GSOC 2014 ideas

From: gagan
Subject: Re: [IMPORTANT] GSOC 2014 ideas
Date: Wed, 19 Feb 2014 22:49:21 +0530

On Wed, Feb 19, 2014 at 10:27 PM, Jose E. Marchesi <address@hidden> wrote:
> Hi hackers.
> At the moment we received 0 ideas to put in our GSOC ideas page [1].
> Google just notified us that GNU will be rejected from this year's GSOC
> if we dont put ideas in the next 12 hours.
> No project is interested in participating in GSoC this year??

This is for GNU LibreDWG

Automated test suite

Build an automatet test suite for LibreDWG. The test suite should have
alive tests and also unity tests (test read and write for each
object), compare test outputs with expected values, ecc.

3D Solid decoding support

Currently LibreDWG is only able to decode 3D solids partially. The
solids in DWG are encoded into the SAT and SAB formats, used by the
ACIS 3D modeling kernel. There are not free implementations of this
kernel, which means that the SAT and SAB streams that we are able to
extract are useless if not parsed. Once parsed, the solids must be
converted to other openly documented formats, and properly rendered
and worked within free software tools. It is yet not clear if
converting belongs to the scope of this idea, since there aren't any
known {sat,sab}2something free software converters. Anyway, if your
application somehow gives a light in addressing this issue, either
implementing or not the converter, that would be a plus.

DWG write support

LibreDWG currently supports DWG versions R13, R14, R2000 and R2004
(R2007 is on the way) but only for reading. Some write operations for
entities and objects are already written, and there is a very basic
write framework. Although, headers and the whole file structure are
not written. Write support is almost evil, but still needed, since
there is not a well stablished free CAD format, and we don't want
people to leave free CAD applications because they can't send their
work back to DWG-only-CAD users.

"Jai Sai Naath"

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