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GSoC 2018

From: Dashamir Hoxha
Subject: GSoC 2018
Date: Sat, 9 Dec 2017 16:22:20 +0100


What kind of projects are accepted for the GSoC, under umbrella of GNU?
What are the requirements? Can any free software project be accepted?
I am asking because I would like to propose a couple of project ideas.

For example Own-Mailbox ( is a nice project,
which needs a few improvements but unfortunately has stopped the development.
By proposing it as a GSoC project maybe we can give it a boost.
I would be ready to be a mentor for this project (if no one else is interested).

Another project idea is DockerScripts:
This is a bash framework for building ready-to-run Docker containers for
different applications. I have already built a bunch of them, like: bind9,
moodle, squid, mariadb, etc.
We can propose a project that consists in building containers for other
useful applications.

What is your opinion about these two project ideas? Are they suitable
for GSoC?


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