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[Synaptic-devel] Presentation and proposition

From: MeSkAliTo de ArraKiS
Subject: [Synaptic-devel] Presentation and proposition
Date: Thu, 03 Jun 2004 00:21:39 +0200
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Hi! My nick is MeSkAliTo Im a Debian user from Spain and member of any
hacklabs ( and other asociations/groups that work
in the difusion and support of the FreeSoftware.

Now Im would like to explain why I had subscribed to the mailing list

Since that is existing Knoppix (live, hardware configuration scripts,
etc), I
thought that Gnu/Linux gave a big jump towards the diffusion of the

I was thinking that one of the more dificult things for a windows user when
try use a Linux is find software that do the things that he/she want to do
without fight with a shell and install the program without problems like
kill another programs.

When one friend showed me synaptic and wich powerfull it's I was
thinking that
may be it's not the troubleshoot to converted Win users but from this
software we can create another tool with better adaptation to the new users.

In don't know about programming, but if any of the next things can be
implemented I am very interested in work in the project, testing, making
with other works groups, brainstorming, etc.

The point of my proposition is:

Include in synaptic a dummies mode.

This mode only must allow install programs that not distabilize
the system or create problems with another programs.

In this mode I think in two ways to look for a program:

~ A.- Find with clicks: install for dummies where you can choose the
programs to
~ install
by **categories** just with clicks like

multimedia--->|sound -------->|edition--->list of programs
~              |viewers        |players
~              |video          |trackers
              |...            |...

~ B.- Find wizard: write the name of a propietary program and see the
~  that you can  install and can do the same or similar things.

~ Use filters that only allow see programs and not libraries or other
thinks tha
t the user don't
~ need.

Another option can be anouncing new programs. One option in the line of the
"tip of the day"  that has any  programs when you start, but advertising
the new
~ programs or upgrades that he or she  can install.

~ The user, can fill a form with the kind of software that want to receive
~ news.

I think that in the two ways is important that the user could know wich
program is similar, in the works that it can do and how do it.

And may be can be made it and aplication that mix Zeroinstall
( ) or the features of Zeroinstall with a
adapted for dummies.

Im not sure if this is the correct list to do a proposition like that.

Anyway, what do you think about this?

Thanks about your attention.

One question more, please. Where I can find documentation about the
posibilities of synaptic?

And Im sorry about my bad english :(

~     MeSk

~         jabber ID:meskalito_de_sindominio_punto_net
~              registered linux user: 354681
~                   Debian_Sid_2.4.26

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