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Re: [Synaptic-devel] About new ver .5

From: Sebastian Heinlein
Subject: Re: [Synaptic-devel] About new ver .5
Date: Sat, 19 Jun 2004 07:15:28 +0200

Am Fr, den 18.06.2004 schrieb Иван Тонов um 15:27:
> Hello,
> I`m using Synaptic  since one year  and love it :)
> I just can tell that in new version i miss two things:
> 1.First  This is  the expert tab where i can choose from available 
> versions which package to install, and i can downgrade same packages, in 
> new version i don`t see any options for downgrading. This functions was 
> very useful for me
> 2. In .48 ver.  there is a options lock current version and status also 
> very useful for me
> For now i`m stying on 0.48 ver.


thanks for your comment. It is always nice to get some feedback,
espically positive one :)

We decided to remove these two features temporarly, since both functions
didn't work properly. So they will be back in the coming releases,
perhaps not the next one.



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