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[Taler] Wallet to wallet transfers

From: Noufal Ibrahim
Subject: [Taler] Wallet to wallet transfers
Date: Mon, 17 Jul 2017 12:04:15 +0530

Hello everyone,
    From my understanding of the way Taler works, it's not possible to transfer money into another persons wallet in a transitive fashion. e.g. I get X out of my wallet and give that to a friend B. My friend gives that to his friend C and she finally spends it on merchant D. Is such a thing possible? The way I see it, once I receive money, I have to give it back to the exchange before it becomes "spendable" again.

    I'm trying to do something that works more like conventional money where I can give it to other people. Is it possible to do this somehow? Perhaps just hide the user->exchange communication so that they don't have to do that explicitly.



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