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[Texmacs-dev] Selection of integrals

From: Karl M. Hegbloom
Subject: [Texmacs-dev] Selection of integrals
Date: 15 Jun 2003 13:00:22 -0700

When working with a CAS, it seems to me that selection of Integrals does
not really work right.

    | f(x) dx

If I drag the pointer from the upper left + to the lower right + in the
above expression, I think it should select the entire expression, clear
through the "dx".  When it sends that to the CAS, it ought to send
something like "'integrate(f(x),x)", right?

But when you are editting just plain math, perhaps that's not what you
always want?  So maybe then, holding the shift key and swiping will
select only the \integral and the "f(x)"?

Any ideas?

Karl M. Hegbloom <address@hidden>

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