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[Tiger-devel] Notes on 3.2rc3

From: Steve G
Subject: [Tiger-devel] Notes on 3.2rc3
Date: Sun, 27 Apr 2003 08:40:51 -0700 (PDT)


I've spent some more time with rc3 on a RH9 system and have
some observations to share:

1) In the Checking Cron entries I see this as the tests run
on stdout/stderr:
11:23> Checking cron entries...
/bin/ls: *: No such file or directory

2) scripts/check_cron line 73 has LS twice.

3) scripts/check_passwd, line 181. The ! is bad. Man page
says pwck returns 0 on success. If it returns anything else
it should have a warning.

4) `strings /usr/sbin/sendmail` produces nothing usable on
a RH system. I would skip this test for RH systems or rely
on the rpm reported version if the rpm package passes

5) Issue tests fail even though /etc/issue & /etc/issue.net
exist. The haveallfiles command seems to be wrong or the
ISSUEFILE variable isn't set. It should be in
systems/Linux/2/config. BTW, that file says just issue,
should it be a full path?

6) On the first pass, I had TigerNoBuild=Y in tigerrc. The
embedded pathnames test did not complain that the REALPATH
command didn't exist. It shouldn't have continued without
that file.

Overall, 3.2rc3 looks much better than 3.1.

Hope this helps,
Steve Grubb

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